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When you’re wanting a demolition service for your residential or commercial property in Vancouver, BC, make sure and call us at Vancouver Demolition Inc! We have years of experience with structural and interior demolition as well as site cleanouts and rubbish removal in Vancouver and the surrounding area. Here at Vancouver Demolition Inc., we take pride in guiding our clients step-by-step through the demolition process from securing the permits to cleaning up the rubble. Our crew members are professionals with years of onsite experience. We’ll get the job done where you want it, how you want it, and when you want it. Our team of demolition experts is here to give you the best service for your residential or commercial property.

Residential Demolition in Vancouver, BC
Residential Demolition Vancouver, BC

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Commercial Demolition in Vancouver, BC
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We deal with both residential and commercial buildings. Any building you’ve got, we can take it down, whether partially or as a whole. At Vancouver Demolition, our crews are well-versed in identifying and anticipating risks and situations that may prove hazardous to people. 

We use the best technology available for the delicate job of bringing down your building. This eliminates the fear of accident or damage to property while on the job. While you relax away from the dust and rubble, you can rest assured that we will handle the demolition of your property with the utmost professionalism.

About Vancouver Demolition Inc.

Through decades of innovation, Vancouver Demolition Inc. has strived to be the go-to demolition company for folks in Canada. We perform internal and external demolitions for residential and commercial buildings. Our demolition process is as safe, quick, and clean as possible. We take pride in ensuring that our customers are delighted with our work. 

Vancouver Demolition uses the best of technology and techniques to assess carefully and then bring down your building, whether it’s down to bare bones, or completely. Safety for both staff and the environment is one of our top priorities, and our experts ensure these by using the best machines and techniques in the industry. 

We are a company that has developed a reputation for customer satisfaction because we listen to our customers’ wishes for their buildings. We offer creative and practical solutions to onsite problems and get the job done right.

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In our bid to ensure our customers are satisfied with our work, Vancouver Demolition actively carries you along with the progress of each part of the project. There are ultimately four steps to how we attain a successful demolition:

  1. In our bid to ensure our customers are satisfied with our work, Vancouver Demolition actively carries you along with the progress of each part of the project. There are ultimately four steps to how we attain a successful demolition:
    • The second part of this stage is planning, which is wholly dependent on assessing the building. After the assessment, planning for the demolition will begin. While developing a demolition plan for your building, we prioritize safety first and then cost-effectiveness. There are several ways to demolish a building, but certain varying factors will determine the one we choose to use for yours. These include the size of the building, the materials it was built with, what you want, and finally, building location.
    • We will also prepare emergency and back up plans upfront in the small chance of any unexpected incident.
  2. Obtaining Permits: This is a hurdle that Vancouver Demolition handles with utmost care. We will always provide you with all the necessary information to get permits for your demolition plan. If you’re too busy or tied up to handle this, you can rest assured that we will procure the documents for you, with your consent, of course.
  3. Executing the Plan: After obtaining permits and finishing all legal aspects of demolition, the main event can now take place. With the plan already set, We will execute the demolition quickly and safely to your specifications.
  4. Clean-Up: After demolition, Vancouver Demolition will take responsibility for the dispose of the rubble and debris left behind in a safe and environmentally-friendly fashion. If you wish to repurpose some parts of your dilapidated building, then those materials will be left behind. The rest will be disposed of.

Why Vancouver Demolition Inc.?

As far as picking a company to demolish your building properly goes, many reasons make Vancouver Demolition stand out:

  1. Technology: Vancouver Demolition has a wide array of demolition and debris clean-up technology to make dismantling your building a breeze. With our equipment, we can take on any sort of internal or external commercial and residential job. We can also use our machines to turn some of the more cumbersome but valuable materials (such as concrete) into a more portable form.
  2. Safe and Timely Operation: Our professionals are constantly abreast of industry trends. The result of this is a never-ending supply of new ideas to keep our workers, projects, and job sites secure. We place an extremely high priority on safety. We work with all our equipment double-checked, to prevent any backlash from surprises and accidents. Because of all our preparation against unexpected events, our team can work according to a set schedule. This will ensure that your building is demolished at the promised time.
  3. Waste Management: After demolishing your building, our job doesn’t end there. We clear up the debris and even pick out valuable and recyclable materials such as concrete or steel.
  4. Client’s Wishes Come First: No matter the client, be it an individual, a family, or a company; we are always prepared to listen and adhere to your wishes, concerns, and complaints. Client satisfaction is our focus, and for that reason, we make sure to work towards fulfilling all your expectations.
  5. Innovation: As part of elevating our staff, Vancouver Demolition encourages them to be on top of the latest industry trends in their specific job roles. That is to say that our experts are always trained and retrained frequently. You can rest assured in the knowledge that the best demolition experts in Vancouver, Canada, are in charge of bringing down your buildings.

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Vancouver Demolitions Inc. provides structural, interior, commercial and residential demolitions as well as site cleanups and junk removal services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey, New Westminster, and the surrounding areas.