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About Us

At Vancouver Demolition Inc., we are wholly dedicated to satisfying our clients. Each client is as precious to us as the next, and we take pride in ensuring our clients are happy with our results. We carry our clients along every bit of the way to ensure that there is no part of our job that they are unfamiliar or unhappy with. 

Our professionals are experts with several years of experience in demolishing and construction. Each is intimately familiar with his job, and we make sure that they are all kept up-to-date on innovations in dealing with hazardous materials or new safety requirements. These help keep ignorance-based accidents to an absolute minimum.

We also take no chances with our technology. We have all the best tools of our trade, and our machines are the best quality on the market. We treat maintenance seriously to keep them running smoothly. It also mitigates the chances of a breakdown or accident during demolition. 

At Vancouver Demolition, we also take waste management, disposal, and recycling seriously. Instead of throwing away valuable materials like cement and wood, they can be salvaged, remodeled, and repurposed for the same building or a different one.

We’re always striving to be the best at Vancouver Demolition Inc. Your feedback to our emails, calls, chats, etc., can help us stay on top of our game. Please do not hesitate to contact us to make inquiries or offer your feedback.