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Commercial Demolition in Vancouver, BC
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Demolition of commercial buildings requires us to deal with several things while we work: the presence of other company buildings needs, the large equipment, the demolition budget, and the wishes of several clients. There are two types of commercial demolition: partial and whole.

Partial demolition simply involves taking a building down to its bare bones to be remodeled. The whole demolition, on the other hand, is the complete demolition with waste clearing and grading the land at the final stage. This will ensure the area is leveled enough for another building to be successfully erected.

Demolition isn’t a short process, and for commercial demolition especially, it’s a rather long journey.

Before demolishing a commercial building, the building and the area immediately surrounding it has to be thoroughly checked. A few things our demolition experts at Vancouver Demolition will assess are the stability of the building’s structure, the type, position, and depth of wells, basements, or any other kind of underground storage that may be part of the building, neighboring buildings, and structures, boundary walls and public access.

Your local government will require you to apply for and obtain a permit for the demolition. This can take a very long time, but it will eventually be given. If it’s an older building, it may still have asbestos within its materials. You’ll need approval from an asbestos removal specialist. After obtaining the permit, we can immediately begin to assess risk. We will check for any hazardous materials while planning for the whole process. We will make sure that the relevant licenses cover you while your neighbors are notified of the demolition in progress, so they’re mentally prepared for the noise and any other side effects.

Apart from asbestos removal, we will also need to remove utility services like electricity, water, and gas from the property. We will also thoroughly inspect our equipment to ensure they’re in the best condition to complete the demolition. When all of these have been put in place, we can then begin the demolition process with our experts fully prepped and ready for any situation. 

The size of a commercial building differs from building to building, and so does the method of demolition. Heavy machinery is almost always used, though, but some huge buildings with lots of floors can require the use of explosives for more efficient work. Our professionals are highly trained in every aspect or method of demolition. We’re well-versed in the safety rules for each of them. 

One thing that must be decided upon is the timeframe for the project. Demolishing commercial buildings can take anywhere from 3-7 days. If the building is vast, there is asbestos to be removed, or (rarely) an unexpected hazard crops up; the timeframe might be extended to take care of such a problem. 

At Vancouver Demolition, we plan extensively for unexpected situations, so we can quickly take care of the issue and move on to the next process. We have an answer for every problem, so your commercial building demolition is in safe hands.