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Residential Demolition Vancouver, BC

Demolishing a residential building is a much simpler and uncomplicated process when compared with commercial demolition. But there are still several mines which homeowners, especially those who have never demolished before, can still step on. At Vancouver Demolition, we have an obligation to guide our clients through every step and ensure that they understand what’s going on at every point.

Residential houses can be taken down in two ways: mechanically or by hand. Each method has its pros and cons, and each has certain specific conditions that make it a good pick. Mechanical demolition is the use of heavy machinery to take down the house. Hand demolition involves our experts stripping the house manually, with smaller, handheld tools. With a lot of older houses, a manual demolition might be best because of the large amounts of valuable materials used in its construction. For recovering recyclable materials, hand demolition is the best method. For a quick project, mechanical demolition is best.

However, at Vancouver Demolition Inc., we let our clients eat their cake and have it, too. You can use a combination of machine and hand demolition to salvage valuables and then demolish the structure. You can demolish a house completely or use the heavy machinery to take it down to its bones. 

But before this, you, the homeowner, have to carry out other due processes. Once you’ve decided how you want your home taken apart, our expert will come over to the building to check for hazardous materials like lead paint, asbestos, rotted wood, and mold. These could be present if your house is old. If any of these materials are found, our professionals will advise you on the inspection requirements of your area.

We can then start planning for the main event — demolition. You will have to inform all necessary parties like your neighbors and those that will be directly affected by noise and debris of the project. A timeframe will be discussed and placed depending on the size of your home. Then, all utilities such as gas, electricity, and water will have to be disconnected. We will fence your property with debris-shielding material and ensure adjacent properties are not adversely affected. This is doubly important in an area with young children.

After the demolition is done, it’s time to clean up. At Vancouver Demolition Inc., we will execute all prior plans made for disposal and recycling of materials. Homeowners can even find organizations willing to take salvaged materials off their hands at a reasonable price. This method has helped many homeowners drastically reduce the average cost of demolishing a house.

If you’re planning to build on the same site, we will make sure to have the ground graded (that is, leveled) for the next building. Or, you can choose to have a basement excavated. Either one can be done using the same equipment, and it’s best when it’s included within the initial planning.